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Very nice song from Anna Ternheim from her record “The Night Visitor”. It sounds like an Irish folk tune and it’s easy to play. I love her voice. And oh, she’s lovely…

Chords Download: Anna Ternheim_THE LONGER THE WAITING



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If anybody remembers the band „And All Because The Lady Loves“ – I totally loved them back in the early nineties (here is a live video). They were two girls from Newcastle, England, but AABTLL were quite popular in Switzerland and Germany as well. I stumbled upon them at a festival in Freiburg in 1993. The minute I entered the room and heard them singing I fell in love with them. I listened to their CD „Curtain Call“ hundreds and thousands of times. Recently a friend dug them up again. I was so happy about it, so I listened to some of my favourite songs and wrote the chords down. If any body wants to play along with their ukulele or their guitar – have fun. Here are the PDFs for download:

ABTLL_ Is that a doubt

ABTLL_I’m not bothered

ABTLL_One for me

ABTLL_Ten thousand more

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