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A word on the ukulele from the header image: A friend painted this for me. Actually, I think this is one of the nicest things I ever got from somebody. I love it very much.

A few months ago I gave this ukulele to my friend Sarah. She’s originally from Denmark and was living in Stuttgart for a while. We became friends and I taught her some ukulele. For this reason I lent her that ukulele, a not so expensive one (Emanuel Sanchez), one I could do without as I have some others at home. Recently she left Stuttgart and gave the ukulele back to me – painted! Sarah works as a trickfilm animator, so she’s really good at arts. I’m a little sad that she has left town now.  But at least I have this beautiful uke to remember Sarah by.

After some time now, I’ve come to like the sound of  Emanuela,  or “Em” as I call her now, quite well. She sounds a little fuller and more uke-like than my Brüko ukuleles. She’s a bit hard to play at the first fret and the fret intonation is a little off, but oh well, I won’t hold that against a beautiful lady like Em…

121130 Em


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