Very nice song from Anna Ternheim from her record “The Night Visitor”. It sounds like an Irish folk tune and it’s easy to play. I love her voice. And oh, she’s lovely…

Chords Download: Anna Ternheim_THE LONGER THE WAITING


If anybody remembers the band „And All Because The Lady Loves“ – I totally loved them back in the early nineties (here is a live video). They were two girls from Newcastle, England, but AABTLL were quite popular in Switzerland and Germany as well. I stumbled upon them at a festival in Freiburg in 1993. The minute I entered the room and heard them singing I fell in love with them. I listened to their CD „Curtain Call“ hundreds and thousands of times. Recently a friend dug them up again. I was so happy about it, so I listened to some of my favourite songs and wrote the chords down. If any body wants to play along with their ukulele or their guitar – have fun. Here are the PDFs for download:

ABTLL_ Is that a doubt

ABTLL_I’m not bothered

ABTLL_One for me

ABTLL_Ten thousand more


A word on the ukulele from the header image: A friend painted this for me. Actually, I think this is one of the nicest things I ever got from somebody. I love it very much.

A few months ago I gave this ukulele to my friend Sarah. She’s originally from Denmark and was living in Stuttgart for a while. We became friends and I taught her some ukulele. For this reason I lent her that ukulele, a not so expensive one (Emanuel Sanchez), one I could do without as I have some others at home. Recently she left Stuttgart and gave the ukulele back to me – painted! Sarah works as a trickfilm animator, so she’s really good at arts. I’m a little sad that she has left town now.  But at least I have this beautiful uke to remember Sarah by.

After some time now, I’ve come to like the sound of  Emanuela,  or “Em” as I call her now, quite well. She sounds a little fuller and more uke-like than my Brüko ukuleles. She’s a bit hard to play at the first fret and the fret intonation is a little off, but oh well, I won’t hold that against a beautiful lady like Em…

121130 Em

Chords: Austra – Identity

Austra is one of my favourite bands. Here is a pdf with the chords to play along (Bm,F#m, D, A). I recommend this studio version they did for Radio K. It’s a piano version and I think it’s beautiful! Also it’s nice to play along to it. Have fun.

To PDF download: Austra_Identity

(If you need an easier version, change the chords to Am, Em, C, G).

famous first words

quit the bitching on your blog
and stop pretending art is hard
just limit yourself to three chords
and do not practice daily
you’ll minimize some stranger’s sadness
with a piece of wood and plastic
holy fuck it’s so fantastic, playing ukulele